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How do partnerships influence the impact of your profession on the community you serve and the goals you hope to achieve?

Through explorations and learning experiences in the Study Abroad Program with Dr. Dotson and Dr. Dotson-Blake, I was able to determine that partnerships help achieve the mutually beneficial goals of all parties invested. They help the achievement of goals through resources that aid the progress of goals.

Cascais Public Library

National Library of Portugal

My role as a librarian not only includes bringing students and information together but bringing the community together through significant partnerships between school, the local community, and families within this community. As a librarian at a community college, there are many families with multiple students in the family, which sometimes includes a parent and a child as students. Not only are these external partnerships important, but so are the partnerships within the school such as the partnerships between librarian and professor. These partnerships strengthen and reinforce learning that takes place in the context of each student and that student's family, which impacts (immediately and in the long-run) the surrounding community.

Castelo dos Mouros


Definition: Stakeholders collaborating towards advancement of the community by advancing dynamic goals.

Why They Matter: Partnerships promote progress.

Intercultural Communication: Diversity is necessary for more than just gene variation. It gives us all a purpose.

Cultural Considerations: The word "partnerships" can mean different things in different languages, but regardless the language, partnerships are necessary in every culture.