Personal Connections

Librarian @ Portugal National Library in Lisbon

"Community partnerships are necessary for students and general researchers so that the culture and information produced in Portugal can be carried down from generation to generation."

Uber Driver @ Lisbon, Portugal

After taking us through a newly "decorated" underpass, the Uber driver explained to us the significance of the rainbow tiles along the walls of the underpass. The newly place rainbow tiles represent the LGBTQ+ community and this was done for Pride Month (June) to celebrate the diversity, especially that of the LGBTQ+ community of Portugal.

Tuk-Tuk Driver @ Sintra

Partnerships are important for everyone that comes to Portugal and the Lisbon/Sintra areas. Most Tuk-Tuk drivers are well versed in the histories of the region so that tourists and visitors (and even locals) can learn more about the history and background of the area and the individual locations in the area.

Public Librarian @ Cascais Public Library

The Public Library in Cascais has lots to offer for younger kids, with almost the entire first floor of the library dedicated to kids and teenagers. Three rooms are dedicated learning spaces for kids within this age range. Partnerships between the library and school-age students are important to the growth of the community. The library also offers public computer use and literature for adults and no late fees to encourage library use.

Concierge @ Sana Reno Hotel in Lisbon

Partnerships are important to businesses in the community. This is especially true for businesses that support tourists and those from other areas of the world that come to Lisbon to learn about the culture of Portugal. By having partnerships between businesses in the community, the culture and therefore community as a whole is easily advanced.

Bartender @ Magnetic Bar in Lisbon

The playground in the neighborhood close to the hotel, when it was built, brought the surrounding communities together by bringing children to the playground and therefore their families. As a kids soccer coach, he has witnessed this change in community partnerships. Partnerships between two communities were established because of the effort put forth about one year ago when the new playground was completed.

Bartender @ Sana Reno in Lisbon

It was told stated the sports system in this city concentrates on fútbol (soccer) rather than any other sport. No funding goes to other sports. It seems as though this promotes adversity rather than diversity.